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VRedie are modular Virtual Reality products for training on machines, industrial plants, tools, products but also for trade fair appearances and marketing. Choose between the modules presentation (viewing, information, process), prototyping (interactive, function, construction) and training (show, accompany, evaluate). We will be happy to advise you on your configuration.

virtual presentation

VR Inspection

VRedie | Module: Presentation | Visit your CAD data and 3d machines

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VR Information

VRedie | Module: Presentation | virtual information in your virtual plant

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VR Process

VRedie | Module: Presentation | Show the internal processes in your industrial machine

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virtual prototyping and functional tests

VR Interactive

VRedie | Product modules | Take tools and move machine parts interactively.

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VR Function

VRedie | Product modules | Use tools within process and machine functions

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VR Construction

VRedie | Product Modules | Test industrial designs for their usability.

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virtual education

VR Show

VRedie | module: Training | A virtual assistant shows step by step the functions and procedures

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VR Accompany

VRedie | module: Training | The user is guided with the assistance system through the functions of the system

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VR evaluation

VRedie | module: Training | Evaluation of work results & new instructions

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Training with modules - Virtual Reality Products

Learn more about our Virtual Reality modules and how you can revolutionize your training. Our team includes educational scientists and engineers with many years of experience. We will be happy to advise you!

Virtual reality products, headsets and workstations

Our VR technologies are always state-of-the-art. The latest possibilities are thus directly integrated into the virtual training.

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