Virtual Reality educational Instructor & Evalutator

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Virtual Reality educational Instructor & Evalutator

+49 178 8023500 | +49 391 24289009


Virtual Reality educational Instructor & Evalutator

+49 178 8023500 | +49 391 24289009

VRedie Virtual Reality Educational System

VRedie VR is a virtual experiment room and assistant for teaching functions and working methods for training on machines and tools. The VR modular solution offers a flexible adaptation to the existing structures in operation.

Virtual Reality

realistic VR-simulation in handling machines and tools

Educational Instructor

Intelligent assistance system to guide complex production processes


Analysis and evaluation of skills and work progress and motivation training

What is VRedie Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality can simulate a realistic industrial technical plant or a true-to-scale machine with the corresponding tools, but it can also enable a virtual tour of an industrial process sequence with the corresponding occupational safety. VR refers to an artificial reality created by special hardware and software.


The personal assistant VREDIE, takes care of the instruction. The personal contact and the direct proximity to the user is the optimal condition for cooperation.


VREDIE takes care of tasks and work steps such as accompaniment, safety, explanations, instructions and the evaluation of the work results. Virtual assistants in this form are used to explain the tasks and the technical equipment easily and without previous knowledge.


VREDIE supports the user in developing the necessary motivation within the application and ensures a successful learning process. A prerequisite is also here the spatial proximity to the user. Therefore the radius of use is limited to virtual reality.


VREDIE gives direct feedback on the respective work step. The completion of tasks is recorded and dynamically made available to the user.

Tasks System

Tasks in Virtual Reality: For the new VR training, we have recreated a typical workplace virtually in detail as a virtual room. Thanks to particularly high-resolution VR glasses, a VR headset on his head and two controllers in his hands, the trainee can move freely in it and train on the machine, and he can practice various work routines based on various work orders.

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