Technologien der virtuellen Realität

A wide range of applications require innovative technical solutions. For this reason, we rely on specially developed 3D software in the app area as well as on a variety of high-end head mounted displays HMD's and the latest smartphone and tablet technologies.

Programming for Virtual Reality technologies

We have already developed software modules in C++, C# and other programming environments for the stereoscopic display of 3D data in real time. We use them to implement precise tracking and collision calculations, specially programmed sound processes, credible material properties, realistic process simulations and motion simulations.

Our software and hardware solutions are modular so that they can be assembled according to your specific requirements. Furthermore we use professional technology of the gaming industry for virtual tours, 360° tours and also virtual reality apps. Our VR engines support the development with the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and the mobile Oculus Quest.


High End Headset with graphic workstation connection

Virtual reality hardware such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift S provide 360 degree visibility, allowing users to discover virtual worlds. Head and hand movements are registered by VR sensors and transmitted to the virtual environment to enable interaction with a high degree of immersion.

Universal use of Virtual Reality technologies

Virtual reality can support the simulation of processes, procedures or devices. The manifold applications are in the fields of education and training, flight simulation, development, production and manufacturing, modelling of natural phenomena, architecture, exhibition stand construction, medicine, tourism and quality control.

Oculus Quest without cable

Currently, wireless VR glasses offer the easiest and most comfortable way to enter a virtual reality. Some use the computing power, memory, sensors and screen of a smartphone to create virtual worlds. This is how Google has demonstrated it with its Project Cardboard. VRedie uses the latest technologies for training with Virtual Reality.


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